Mavera Connect

Efficient information gathering

To make a fair personal claims assessment, the claims adjuster needs a lot of information for every case. The insured needs to describe the injury and the situation of the accident; you may need patient journals, maybe a police report and perhaps even to send the insured to a doctor for a physical exam.

To gather all this information effectively and smart, you have Mavera Connect. The days of manual papers and general forms are gone – welcome digital communications and dynamic forms. Your customers will thank you.

Dynamic forms

You need to get the right information from the insured in an effective and customer-friendly way. Therefore we have, together with our medical specialists, developed smart, dynamic forms adapted for each type of injury.

Simply send a link to the insured and they can sign and fill in the form digitally. That gives you better answers (as we ask specified questions), faster response times and modern customer experience.

Letters of authorization

To gather information like journals and police reports, you need to have the permission of the insured. For that, we have created a simple tool so the insured can sign their authorization digitally. Effective, secure, and customer friendly.

Letters of authorisation
Letters of authorisation
Mavera My Page

“My page”

Your customers want to know what is going on in their case and to see the full picture. By embedding our “My page” feature on your website, your customers can sign in and see what information has been shared, track their case, and fill out any complementary information. It creates increased transparency, and you will receive fewer “what’s going on calls.”

Mavera My Page

Structured data

As Mavera Connect makes all communication digital and the information structured in dynamic forms and picklists, you will get a comprehensive overview of your business so you can optimize your business and make data-driven decisions.

Structured Data
Structured Data

The next steps

Our vision with Mavera Connect is that it should connect the insurance company with all necessary stakeholders and enable fast and secure information sharing between them. We are there for working with caregivers and governments to create connections for digital transfers of patient journals, police reports and appointment bookings.

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