There is a smarter way

We offer an online solution for smarter personal claims management. Automate your processes with insights, machine learning, and independent medical advisory.

Mavera Case

Mavera Case

Let our Medical Advisors take a look at your case

Get instant access to our network of over 250 medical advisors and manage your case smoothly and effectively.

We create shorter turnover times, reduced staff and administration costs, and make sure you always have access to the right specialist.

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Mavera Case

Mavera Connect

Time to work smarter

Streamline your work with a digital communications platform between the claims adjuster and the insured; were letters of authority, self-certifications and medical disability certificate can be shared fast and efficient.

It also creates an automated process with insights and structured data.

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Mavera Connect
Mavera Connect
Mavera Bright

Mavera Bright (Beta)

A friendly robot

Take it to the next level and support your claims adjustment process with data-driven medical advice. This will enable more secure assessments, increased quality and business intelligence.

Mavera Bright

Medical Advisors from every discipline

We hold a network of over 250 independent medical advisors ready to handle your case within 48 hours.
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A stressfree solution

We got your back

Our quality and customer success team will make sure everything works well, proactively support you and help you if you need it.

This is important

We take security extremely seriously and have policies and frameworks in place to minimize information risks and to secure that the information is adequately protected.

Come integrate with us

Our open API enables integrations to external systems for seamless processes.

ISO Compliant

We are implementing compliance to ISO standardization and will soon be certified, so you can be sure we have all the critical processes in place.

What can we do for you today?

Mavera Case

  • Access to over 250 medical advisors

  • Easy to use case management system

  • Integrate your own medical advisors in our platform

  • Quality assurance

Mavera Connect

All features from Case and:
  • Dynamic self-certifications

  • Dynamic disability-certifications

  • Handling of letters of authority

  • “My page” for the the insured

Mavera Bright

All features from Connect and:
  • System generated medical advice

  • Data driven support for claims adjusters

We also offer tailored BI reports